- If you are a telephone card distributor, have an association, a cyber, a call center, or any other point of sale, we offer you the possibility to buy our phone cards and pins with important discounts or to have at your disposal a copy of our Web page in its own domain.

For this you must send us an e-mail to info@simcardmovil.com with the following information:

* Full name.
* Tax identification number (CIF or NIF).
* Address.
* Location and postal code.
* Province.
* Landline.
* Mobile phone.
* Email.

In this model We offer you the possibility of having your own personalized phone card which you can distribute and sell exclusively and where you will choose the margin, value and distribution system of your card
Telephone calls are a product highly appreciated by consumers and customers. From simcardmovil we offer you the possibility of having your own telephone card for promotional or commercial purposes. Know that they are an undoubted advertising medium where you can include the image of your company or business.
Know that we can offer cards from 1 euro or just free distribution cards in which your investment depends on the use.
Calling cards are a fantastic tool to encourage and promote the loyalty of your customers.

If you want to hire the experience of cobranding or white mark do not hesitate to approach some of our agents.